Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does is cost money to have UrgentCall™?

The app is free to download. If you decide to activate it, it costs less than $24 per year to use. Up to 10 minutes of urgent communication is included. Each additional 10 minutes costs $5.

Q: What if me and my siblings install UrgentCall™ and register our parents? How will UrgentCall™ know which sibling my parents are trying to reach?

UrgentCall™ will ask them to select from the registered app users when they call. They will get to choose which one of the children they wish to reach urgently.

Q: Will UrgentCall™ take the place of a beeper or pager?

Yes. With UrgentCall™, you will no longer need the pager. The phone will do the same thing as the pager did. You will not have to spend monthly fees on a pager.

Q: I'm a professional and use a call center to route important calls to me. Will UrgentCall™ work with that service?

Yes. You will give the call center your emergency UrgentCall™ number. They will call that number and your phone will notify you.

Q: What happens if my phone is off?

You will not get any calls. However, as soon as you turn it back on, you will know right away who and when called you. Even if the phone is on silent or vibrate.

Q: What happens if my phone did not have reception when the caller tried to call me with an emergency call?

UrgentCall™ will notify you with the ringer and text message as soon as your phone regains reception. You will know which contact called, when and from what number. If your phone is set on silent, it will ring with the special ringer which you selected in the profile page.

Q: What happens when an urgent call is received by me?

Your phone will begin to vibrate and ring with a special ringer (which you choose when you set up UrgentCall™). You can answer your phone anytime. The phone will ring with the special ringer, regardless of what mode you have it set on, including normal setting, silent or vibrate. The ringing will escalate if you don't answer. The display shows the name of the caller and a special notification while ringing, telling you that you have an urgent call to answer.

You will also receive a text message from the UrgentCall™ server, which will make sure that you paid attention. It will also serve as a written memo of the urgent call received and who it was from.

Q: How do I use UrgentCall™?

Once you install UrgentCall™, simply enter some basic information on the profile page, record your voice (such as your first name) and then choose the contacts you'd like to make eligible to call you. That's it.

Q: How does UrgentCall™ determine if the call is urgent?

If your contact needs to get hold of you in an emergency, they will call your emergency contact number, which is assigned to you by UrgentCall™ when you install the app. Once the contact calls the emergency number, the system will first make sure that they are registered as eligible. The will ask them a question and then place them on hold while making a call to your phone and causing it to ring, even if set on silent.

Q: What if I no longer wish to receive emergency calls from a contact?

Simply click on the UC logo, click contacts and uncheck the contact you no longer wish to receive emergency calls from. Then click save.

Q: How many contacts can I set to receive emergency calls from?

Up to ten contacts.

Q: What if my contact has more than one phone number?

No problem. UrgentCall™ will register every number associated with the contact.

Q: What countries can I purchase and register UrgentCall™ in?

North American area. Calls can come form any country. However, the app is only available in N. America.

Q: What phones does UrgentCall™ work on?

Most Android phones from 2.2 – up.

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