UrgentCall™ (UC) has been thoroughly tested and verified to function on Android versions 2.2 and higher.

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, please read this page first.

How to install, setup and use UrgentCall:

Download the app from the Google Playstore. The link to the Playstore is located on the BUY tab of this page, or, simple use your Android phone’s PlayStore icon and search for UrgentCall.

Once the app is downloaded, follow the setup instructions. Remember, you must have a good data connection to set it up.

The profile page requires you to enter your mobile number, your name, choose a phone ringer which you’d like to indicate the urgent call and record your first name.

Click on SAVE when finished. If you exit without finishing, UC will not function.

Once you click SAVE, the UC app will send the information to the server, then will verify that the mobile number you entered is your number. Once verification is complete, you will get the home page of UrgentCall.

Click on CONTACTS tab and choose the name of the contacts which you’d like to make eligible to call you in case of an emergency. You can choose up to 10 contacts. Each contact can have multiple numbers.

Once you’re finished adding contacts, YOU MUST CLICK SAVE. If you don’t save the contact, you will have to repeat this step.

Your setup is complete. You can disable or remove a contact at anytime.

You can also temporarily disable UC by clicking SUSPEND from the home page of the app. The app will automatically Reactivate itself after a certain amount of time.

1. UC will not install. It hangs up the phone or just does nothing during install.

a. You MUST HAVE GOOD DATA CONNECTION for UrgentCall to install. If your data connection is weak, UrgentCall cannot connect to the servers to set up the account.

b. If you’ve downloaded UrgentCall from a site other than the Google Playstore, you must select the checkbox for Unknown Sources (click on Settings, then click on Applications, then check the Unknown Sources box).

2. UC is available in the USA and Canada. You cannot purchase the App outside these areas. However, a call to you can come from anywhere in the world and the app will function.

3. When you purchase the UC app, it comes with 10 minutes of Urgent Talk Time. If your talk time has been depleted, click on the UC icon on the app and then click Account Status. You can easily replenish the talk time from the app. Additionally, you can replenish the app from this web site. Simply log on using your phone number and purchase the minutes in multiple increments.

4. You can set the app and the minutes to self replenish. This can be done from this web site.

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