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  • Do you have children and need to put your phone on silent when working or sleeping and worry about missing an emergency call from your child?
  • Are you married and worry about missing an urgent call from your spouse while you're at work?
  • Do you worry about missing an emergency call from your elderly parents while you're asleep or at work?

The answer is here…

UrgentCall™ is a special mobile app designed to relieve the stress of needing to make certain that your loved ones are able to reach you in case of an emergency or any other reason to make an urgent call to your mobile device.

Once the app is installed and a simple setup page, in which you record your name, enter your phone number and choose what emergency ring you'd like to have on your device, is all that is required.

After the app is installed, you select your choice of contacts which you'd like to be able to reach you when there's an emergency. You can change the contacts or remove them at anytime. The contact can have as many numbers associated with it. You just choose the contact name and all the numbers on the contact are recorded.
You can choose up to ten contacts.

The contacts which you chose will receive an automatic text from you, stating that if they have an emergency call, they can call you on your special contact number.

UrgentCall™ will only answer the callers that you've designated as eligible to call you in an emergency.

You can now rest assured that even if your phone is set on silent or vibrate, or even if in regular ring mode, you will know immediately if there's an emergency call from your contact.

  • Never worry about missing an urgent call again.
  • App provides you with your own emergency contact number.
  • Works with up to ten contacts with unlimited numbers.
  • Great for lawyers, doctors and other professionals.
  • Sleep without noise interruption from your mobile phone, without missing urgent calls.
  • Replaces pagers and beepers. You no longer need to have a pager as long as your mobile phone is nearby. Even if you've set it on silent.
  • Notifies you even if you miss the urgent call.
  • Notifies you that you missed an emergency call from your contact even if the phone was off (after you turn it back on).
  • When a phone is in a no-reception area, the moment reception is restored, you will be notified that you missed an emergency call from your contact.
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • You can receive emergency calls from anywhere in the world.
  • You can receive urgent calls from any type of phone, including mobile, landline and VOIP telephones.
  • Patents pending.

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